Download Common Source Amplifier.epb


To simulate a Common Source Amplifier

Components Required

JFET - 2N3819 (1), Resistors - RC05 (4), Capacitors – CK05 (3), AC Voltage Source -VGEN (1), DC Voltage Source – VDC (1), Ground – SPL0 (2)

Circuit Diagram


1.Draw the circuit diagram after loading components from library. Assign net names for connections wherever necessary. Preprocess the circuit by invoking Simulation → Preprocess. Place waveform markers on input and output nodes.

2.For placing waveform markers, select Tools → Instruments → set wave form Contents → Voltage waveform → Click on the required net and place the waveform marker. Run transient analysis after setting up required parameters.

3.Select Tools → Components → Component properties→ Change simulation parameters→ Click on the required component and change its values.

The values to be provided to the components are

        JFET : 2N3819 (Click on the Set up Model of the Model Type. Click on Accept to get the default values assigned)
       Resistors : 2.7k (1), 4.7k (1), 1 M (1), 1k (1)
        Capacitor 22nF (2), 15µF (1)
        VDC/1 (+Vcc) : 12V
        VGEN : Select the source function as SIN and set its Properties as follows
                    VA (Amplitude) : 100mV
                    FREQ (Frequency) : 1kHz  &nb: 1kHz

4.For setting up simulation time and analysis types, select Simulation menu, choose Analysis. In the window pops up, select Transient analysis from tree view. Enter following values:
        Step : 10µ
        Final time : 5m
        Results : Select Waveform from drop down menu.

5.Click on rong>. Expand the Transient Analysis and select Waveform viewer, Select As Marked. Click on Accept. Select Transient Analysis. Run Analysis by clicking on Run button.