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About Us

About Us

Visionics, a subsidiary of Norlinvest Ltd, offers a wide range of innovative electronic solutions for the changing customer needs and keeps in tune with the fast paced technology. The History of Visionics dates back to 1983, when we introduced the first EDA package - The CAD ABC. The very first PC-based EDA system gained prominence with its idea of automating the Electronic Design Procedures and its flexibility and ease of use. Increasing demand for the tool stimulated the research and development of the EDA Applications. Ever since then, we have regularly introduced state-of-the-art PC-based EDA systems based on the latest technologies, be it hardware or software.

Our Vision

Create the best PC-based EDA systems and attain high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Strategy

In our efforts to accomplish our vision, we have established four policies, which are the cornerstones of our company philosophy.

  • -Maintain a strong customer interaction, which helps us understand the changing need of the world's market.
  • -Keep all knowledge and development in-house, thereby assuring both continuity and seamless integration of all the modules needed in an EDA system
  • -Availability to our customers - always be there when you need us, when you have any kind of problem - and last, but not least,
  • -Give our customers the best possible price-to-performance ratio.