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Experience the complete set of features of EDWinXP 2.10 during the 14 days evaluation period.


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Experience the complete set of features of EDWinNET 1.10 Version during the 14 days evaluation period.


We offer a broad range of free services, such as knowledge transfer through tutorial, demos, forum, etc for ensuring our customers are equipped with the skills. Also we provide Free Library Creation Service for the registered customers.

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"Beran Instruments have been using the Visionics PCB design tools since 1989. Originally we used the DOS base EE Designer tools, and then migrated through the early Windows versions to EDWinXP.The backward compatibility with these very old designs is important to us, since we have many customers, particularly in the military sector, who ask for remakes of very old products. We currently have around 180 legacy designs that predate EDWin, and a further 50 EDWin designs." –- Dr Tony Brown, Technical Director, Beran Instruments Ltd, England.

"Delta Controls has been a long time user of EDWin. In 1994 we started with three EDWin16 seats. Over the years we have followed through to Edwin32, and finally EDWinXP.We have increased our seats from 3 to 9.We have been using EDWinXP for the past year and have created 10 new designs. EDWinXP Cad package is easy to work with. The GUI interface is easy to follow and allows moving around the package a snap." –- Trevor Rossner, Senoir Hardware Developer, Delta Controls Inc.

"I think EdWin is the winner in the price-performance test compared to other CAD/CAE tools. It was very early with the superb solution with a common database for both schematic and layout. The possibilities of EdWin is great, it has a lot of features that you will not find in other low priced systems. It's great capability is one of the reasons that I use EdWin, I know that I will not be limited by the tool." –- Bengt Ragnemalm, Research Engineer, Linköpings Universitet,Sweden

EDWinXP is used in several engineering colleges in Kerala State and other Indian States. This package has a high price-perfomance ratio with round-the-clock Technical Support and hence it is recommended for Indian users. We are proud to have them housed in Technopark." –- M. Sivasankar, Director, Kerala State Information Technology Mission

"Following a customer recommendation, we have now used Visionics packages for over 18 years, from DOS based EED3 through to the current revision of EDWinXP.The software has been used to produce countless PCB designs of all disciplines including flexible technology and RF boards, with particular emphasis on the design of multilayer matched and controlled impedance boards for the chip test industry." –- Ken Arnold, D.O Supervisor, Nemco Ltd.

"We have so far developed about 15 types of boards using the above package and we rate EDWinXP as VERY GOOD. Compared to some other packages we had used earlier for similar purposes, we find this package very user friendly. The circuit simulation feature is also very useful." –- T.G.S. Namboodiripad, Deputy General Manager, KELTRON "

I could without hesitation say that this product is having all the make up needed to make it work as a Electronic Circuit Design Package which is very much useful for any Engineering College where Electronics is a taught subject. I am sure that this will be a better tool to any Engineering College or Polytechnics where students require a hands on experience to design real life electronic projects." –- Late Prof. R. Venkitakrishna Iyer, Principal, L.B.S Institute of Technology for Women